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Our Online Store is online and has been undergoing many updates and product additions with the move to your new URL.

Items that are listed as “not in stock” are usually available by sending us an email request – we can order these items in for you as “special order” items when they are fully pre-paid.

• Parts Sourcing – we do parts sourcing for many harder to find new Genuine Toyota parts through our direct contacts in Japan. If you are after something that your local dealer can’t find, you might want to try us.

• Current webstore issues we are resolving: Each item must have an HS Code (a tax code used for exporting goods) before the automated shipping calculator will allow the webstore generate a non-Canadian shipping address – there are still a number of items missing this code. It’s a bit time consuming adding them in, but we are chipping away it it.

• Work-arounds: In the mean time, you can contact us using the email address provided on the webstore and we can manually complete orders for you.

How to Search our Online Store:

Searching our new Online Store is still currently best done using the search box in the upper right hand corner.

  • It is generally better to use key words rather than part numbers for most items as there can be many factory part numbers for any given part. Partial words work as well (eg: “timing kit 1HDT” can be searched as “tim kit 1hd” – it’s faster to do this, and just as accurate).
  • Many common part (factory) numbers are included where possible, however, and we are updating these as we can – the primary issue with part numbers is that there may be many different numbers associated with the exact same part.
  • I have tried to add engine and/or model information to each part advertised to make it come up in a word search. I am improving the consistency and thoroughness of this as updates are made.
  • Each word is searched for individually, if you search for ‘water pump’ then any part with the words ‘water’ and ‘pump’ are going to come up. Items including both words will come up first, then items with either ‘water’ or ‘pump’ will come up next.
  • Make your search more specific by adding more search terms. For example: ‘water pump 12HT’ will put that item in first place, then others will follow.
  • I don’t typically use hyphens in engine designations! For example: 1HD-T will be found when searching for 1HDT etc.
  • Parts that are related to engines are typically found when searching for the engine designation (1HZ, 1HDT, 2H, 12HT, 2LTE etc.). Parts that are more related to body, suspension, steering are under the model or series designation (eg: 60 series tie rod end RHD).

Prices may be subject to change without notice:

Please note that some prices are subject to rapidly fluctuating exchange rates when the currency markets are in turmoil, but suffice it to say that our pricing is generally very competitive.

We are doing our best to be competitively priced:

In many cases, we offer some of the most competitive prices in Canada on Toyota 4×4 and Land Cruiser repair parts, and we are working with our suppliers and partners to keep your vehicle running its very best.

–> Engine Bearings for the 1PZ, 1HZ, 1HD-T and 1HD-FT Toyota Engine

We have plenty of stock of Taiho (Japan) and ACL DuraGlide Rod Bearings and Genuine Toyota rod bolts in stock. We also carry ACL Race Series Rod Bearings. All other engine bearings for these models can be ordered directly from us by email request.
Standard sizes – please call for current pricing
Rod bolts priced per unit – please call

-> We are a retailer for Canadian Made Freedom Recovery Gear winch lines, extension ropes, and soft shackles.

–> Denco Turbo and Inter-Cooler Systems

We are the Denco Turbo Dealer for North America ! We can supply many different Turbo and Inter-cooler kits for Japanese diesel vehicles.
BJ Series Turbo Kits – available for 3B or 3BII powered Cruisers – from: $ special order
HJ Series Turbo Kits – available for HJ60 or 2H powered Cruisers RHD only – from $ 3250.00 – 1 only – On Sale Call! (updated 2013 06 25)
1HZ Series Turbo Kits – available for HZJ-series Land Cruisers – from $ call for current pricing – in stock
1PZ Series Turbo Kits – available for PZJ-series Land Cruisers – special order – please call
1HD-T Intercooler systems for the HDJ80 & HDJ81 – get more power and lower EGTs with a Denco water/air intercooler – from $ call for current pricing!
Denco water to air intercoolers are available for other applications, such as the HZJ73, HZJ77 & Nissan diesels. Generic kits are also available for custom projects.
All other Denco Turbo Kits and Denco Turbo & performance parts are available by special order.

Please note that the number of turbos we keep in stock is fairly limited. We periodically order turbos in batches which arrive by container to save on freight charges. If you would like a turbo quickly, we can make arrangements for direct air freight shipping – additional charges will apply. If you want to save some money on a Turbo Kit, then pre-paid orders may get up to a 10% discount when we are doing our freight orders. 8 – 10 weeks for delivery on freight orders. Due to recent fluctuations in exchange rates, please call for up-to-date pricing.

–> We are the local ARB and Old Man Emu dealer !

We can supply 60 & 70 & 80 series Old Man Emu suspension systems!
Prices vary depending on what options you choose.
Other kits are available – please give us a call !
If you’re looking for ARB bumpers or accessories – we’re here to help. Give us a call with your requests.
We typically have 60, 70, and 80 series ARB Winch Bars in stock and at competitive prices.
All other ARB Winch Bars and Bull Bars are available, please call or stop by.
– We stock ARB Recovery Gear –
Do you need high quality recovery equipment? ARB is what you’re after !
Complete recovery kits are in stock, as well as individual items.
Tree Saver straps, Recovery straps, & Winch extension straps.
Snatch blocks – Heavy Duty and Regular Duty versions are in stock.
We have an assortment of high quality Hi-Lift brand jacks and accessories in our showroom.
If you are looking for other recovery gear that is not listed here, just give us a call !

–> Engine Rebuild & Repair Parts –

Engine & Gasket kits available
2LT/2LTE/3L Full Engine and VRS gasket kits – in stock
3B & 2H Full Engine and VRS gasket kits – in stock
2H engine kits in stock (first oversize pistons, std brgs) for parent bore engines

–> Mitsubishi Delica & Pajero – Vehicle and Engine Maintenance Parts –

timing component kits – in stock
radiator & cooling system hoses – in stock
tie rod ends, rack boots & ball joints – in stock
water pumps – in stock
valve cover gaskets – in stock
glow plugs – in stock
and most other JDM Mitsubishi parts by special order

–> Radiator Hoses – these are very High Quality molded hoses

BJ42 (’82-’84) – upper & lower – in stock
BJ60 – upper & lower – in stock
HJ60/HJ61 – upper & lower – in stock
HJ60/HJ61 – heater hose kits for 5 speed and Auto trans – in stock
BJ70/BJ71/BJ73/BJ74 – upper & lower – in stock
HZJ73 – upper & lower – in stock
HZJ73 – heater hose kits – in stock
HDJ81 – upper & lower – in stock
Delica & Pajero radiator & heater hoses – in stock
HiAce van radiator hoses – in stock

–> Knuckle Rebuild Kits – with OEM/Japanese Bearings:

1976 – 1990 40, 50, 60 & 70 series kits
70 Series kits for the high pinion front end – fits HZJ73, LJ78 Prado etc.
80 Series kits – fit HDJ80/81, HZJ80, FJ80 etc.
Does your early 80 series have a clunking front end? You may need to install new birfields and drive flanges to eliminate the excess backlash due to worn splines. We have the both late model ABS birfields & early non-ABS birfields and flanges in stock.

–> Knuckle Rebuild Kits for Nissan & Suzuki – with OEM/Japanese bearings:

We stock kits for the Nissan Safari/Patrol (Y60) & the Suzuki Samurai (SJ413). We will be increasing our line-up of service parts for the Safari & Samurai in the near future. Give us a call with your requests, and we will get your parts for you.
Front & rear wheel bearings kits for the Nissan Safari are in stock, along with brake rotors and pads – please call.

–>Transmission & Transfer Case Rebuild Kits – with OEM/Japanese Bearings:

Early FJ40/BJ40 kits with the J30 one-piece transfer case
Early split case with 34 mm idler shaft
Later split case with 38mm idler shaft – for both 5 speed & Auto trans
H55F Transmission re-bearing kits are now stocked – quantities may be limited
Transmission shafts, synchros and other hard parts are available by special order. If you need synchros, gears, bearings, seals, bushings, hubs or shafts – we can supply virtually all of your needs in a timely manner.

Low Range gearing options for Land Cruiser transfer cases are available.
We have Mark’s 4WD Heavy Duty Low Range gears in stock for 38mm split case Land Cruisers (1.0:1/3.05:1 ratio – others by special order).

–> Clutch Hydraulics:

BJ40/42 and BJ60 Clutch Slave cylinders – we keep lots of these on the shelf !
FJ and BJ Clutch Master & Slave Cylinders – various – in stock
HJ60/HJ61 Clutch Master Cylinders – (Boosted type) – in stock
HJ60/HJ61 Clutch Slave Cylinders – in stock
HZJ73 & PZJ Clutch Master & Slave Cylinders – in stock

–> Brake Repair Parts:

BJ40, BJ42, & BJ60, HJ60/61 Brake shoes, pads, wheel cylinders & calipers – in stock
Brake Master Cylinders – various models – in stock
E-Brake cables – BJ74 JDM (right hand drive) – in stock
E-Brake cables – HZJ73 – arriving soon !
Parking brake pivots – the ones that always seize up at the back of the drum… got those too. Genuine Toyota.
Parking brake “wire” (goes in the drum, actuates the E-Brake) – got ’em!

–> Nissan Safari – GY60 – Parts:

Brake Rotors – front & rear – in stock
Brake Pads – front & rear – in stock
Front Wheel bearings & seal kits – in stock
Rear Wheel bearing kits (semi floater) – in stock
Radiator hoses – Upper & Lower – in stock
Water Pumps – TD42 engine – in stockFront Knuckle Rebuild kits – in stock
Air & Fuel filters – in stock
Old Man Emu Suspension Systems & ARB Accessories – available – call!

Other Nissan Safari Parts are available by special order – please call !

–> Manual Hub Adapters:

These adapters are invaluable when you want to remove the temperamental Electric Locking Hubs from your Land Cruiser Prado (LJ78) or HZJ73 series.
Available as the adapter plates only with hardware, or as a complete kit with brand new Warn Hubs.

Don’t get caught out in the bush or on a lonely, snow-covered, road with Electric Hubs & unable to get into four wheel drive! Change them out for far more reliable Warn or Aisin manual locking hubs.
We have many, many other parts in stock – both new and used!

last updated: 2022 10 03