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Vehicle Sales

Vehicle Sales

RADD Cruisers is not offering any vehicles for sale. Any vehicles we do have are “private sale” and are being sold by their owners and are being stored here, and we do not want to mis-represent our business in any way – we are not a vehicle dealer.

Any Land Cruisers available for sale here by their owners are subject to a strict maintenance inspection that goes well beyond what is required for compliance to operate in Canada. Anything that we feel needs to be take care of, to provide for a reliable and enjoyable driving experience, will be performed. Since this policy means these Land Cruisers are going to cost a little more than “the other guy’s”, prices will be reflective of that fact.

If you have any specific requests for any kind of vehicle, we can often assist in pairing sellers and buyers. Please call us if you have any questions: 250.597.2500.

Applicable taxes apply to all vehicle sales and repairs – and are collected by the appropriate authority.


Purchasing a Land Cruiser Prado LJ78, KZJ78 or Surf?
Please Read This Message:

LJ78 Land Cruiser Prado, KZJ78 Land Cruiser Prado, KZN or LN Surf (Japanese 4Runner) and other related models: – As a repair shop that repairs all models of Toyotas, and other right hand drive vehicles, we would like to warn any potential purchasers of vehicles powered by the Toyota 2LT-II 2LT-E (2.4 Litre) and 1KZT-E engines (3.0 Litre – do not confuse with one with the 3L engine, which is a 2.8 Litre, and quite reliable) that these engines are prone to having expensive engine failures relating to the cylinder head, and also injection pump problems and failures.

We are very capable of replacing the cylinder head, overhauling the cooling system, and restoring the engine to good running condition, but the electronic diesel injection systems found in these early models can be very problematic. Repairing the diesel injection systems can and does pose a lot of trouble for us to do correctly in a reasonable time frame and also at reasonable cost. As a result, purchasing any of the models that has the “-E” designation on it means that you may be in for difficult and expensive repairs.

Please note that these models are not the same as the Heavy Duty Land Cruisers which are powered by larger engines that are very reliable and are not prone to similar failures when maintained properly. Furthermore, the price ranges of the Heavy Duty Land Cruisers and the Light Duty Land Cruisers are very far apart – the Heavy Duty Land Cruiser line-up can can range in price from the low teens to the upper $30K range depending on condition. The Light Duty models include, but are not limited to: LJ70, LJ71, LJ73, LJ78, and similar models with the KZJ- engine designation, and the pricing will be much lower (you are getting what you pay for!!) – and should be in the $00.00 to $8,500.00 range, though the KZJ78 models do seem to fetch quite a bit more money. However, do not be persuaded into believing that these are going to be problem-free because they look clean and well-maintained… it’s just not true.

Get a Pre-Purchase Inpsection – The overall caveat in purchasing any used vehicle is to have it fully inspected by a shop that has specific experience with the model you are interested in purchasing, and also educating yourself about the idiosyncrasies of any given model. There are numerous forums online that can provide this information. If you want further assistance, or want information on what is reliable and what is not, feel free to call us and chat – but be warned that we have opinions and we’re not afraid to express them.

updated: 2016 07 20